Due to restrictions on movement and the need for strict social isolation, our office will be closed until further notice.

Unfortunately, telephone calls to our office will not be answered during this period of restricted movement.

Incoming e-mails and correspondence will continue to be monitored as far as possible during the current restrictions.

Whilst every effort will be made to ensure that ongoing matters are progressed during this period, regrettably, it is highly likely that delays, which may be significant, will be encountered.

Whilst some members of staff will continue to work away from our offices, it is not possible for all our staff to do so. This will invariably impact upon the way in which work is conducted during this time and will limit the service which can be provided.

It is to be hoped that the restrictions currently in place will be as short-lived as possible. Every effort will be made to ensure that our working arrangements are restored as swiftly as possible, however, this will of course be dependent upon the level of restrictions placed upon all of us for the protection of the public as a whole.